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A baby is born

What pleases a PhD candidate (or researchers in general perhaps) more than seeing your own words on print – in a journal and on internet! Have you ever felt like you almost fall in love with your own words? Probably, I guess the expression “you have to kill your darlings” comes from somewhere…


Well, my first article from my PhD has (after xxx rounds of rewriting) finally been published and it feels soo good! It is titled: The role of theory in teacher education – reconsidered from a student teacher perspective and it can be downloaded from the following link for those who are interested:

The article explores the common perception that teacher education is too theoretical. It takes the view that the student teachers’ assumptions regarding the concept of theory affect how they engage with theory during initial teacher education. Using a qualitative approach, this study examines student teachers’ conceptualisations of the nature and role of theory in teacher education. The results indicate conflicts between student teachers’ assumptions about theory in general and pedagogical theories in particular and also between a narrow conception of the nature of theory and a more nuanced understanding of the purpose of theory. Student teachers’ encounter with pedagogy as an academic discipline – with a different epistemology than the one they know from their discipline-specific studies – seems to cause considerable struggle that often ends in a devaluation and denigration of theory in teacher education. The implications of these findings for teacher education are also discussed.

If you are interested in the article, but not able to download it (for example if your institution does not have a subscription for this journal), you can contact me directly as I also have some “authors’ copies”. Feel free 🙂

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